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Patient and physician views on the quality of care for inflammatory bowel disease after one-year follow-up: Results from SOLUTION-2, a prospective IG-IBD study

Digestive and Liver Disease, September 2017, Volume 49, Issue 9, Pages 997-1002


Background and aims

Perception of quality of care is important in the management of patients with chronic diseases, particularly inflammatory bowel disease.

Aims and methods

This longitudinal study aimed to investigate variations of the Quality of Care through the Patients' Eyes (QUOTE-IBD) questionnaire scores one year after the basal evaluation in the Studio Osservazionale quaLità cUre malatTIe crOniche intestiNali (SOLUTION-1) study.


Of the cohort of 992 patients, 936 were evaluable. The QUOTE-IBD score overcame satisfactory levels of more than the 80%, overall and in all subdomains except for the “Continuity of Care” sub-dimension (mean, 8.3; standard deviation, 1.49), scored satisfactory only by 34% of the patients. No significant changes in satisfaction were recorded overall, or considering patients subgroups. Significant differences were found at the end of the follow-up between physicians’ and patients’ perceptions of quality of care, with the former over-rating their performance in “Continuity of Cares” and under-rating “Costs”, “Competence”, and “Accessibility” sub-domains of the score (p < 0.05 for all).


Perceived quality of care in a large cohort of Italian patients with inflammatory bowel disease remains unchanged after one-year follow-up and was not significantly affected by disease activity or therapeutic interventions. Differences between physicians’ and patients’ perceptions of quality of care should be taken into account.

Keywords: Inflammatory bowel disease, Quality of care, QUOTE-IBD