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Food Antioxidants and Functional Ingredients - Shelf Life Extension, Nutrition and Health

Society of Chemical Industry


Antioxidants are recognised as important components in human and animal nutrition. They also serve as functional ingredients in the food industry, for example, to reduce the oxidative deterioration of oils, fats and lipid based foods. Antioxidants are believed to protect cells and organs from oxidative stress and therefore act beneficially against a number of diseases.  Although often seen to exhibit antioxidant activity in vitro, it is unlikely that some bioactive components, such as polyphenols and other phytochemicals, retain those beneficial antioxidant properties when ingested. Indeed, they may act as pro-oxidants with resulting negative consequences. However, they do play an important role and understanding these food components is essential in recognising how they can best be exploited by the industry as processing aids and for improving nutritional value. Making optimal choices to maximise effects for their intended use is paramount in producing cost effective products.  Additionally, legislation surrounding this field raises some important challenges with regards to health claims substantiation and the use and marketing of antioxidant functional ingredients. 

The main theme of this international conference is of understanding antioxidants in terms of food processing, nutrition and health, NPD and impacts on shelf life including the challenges and strategies for a new generation of antioxidant phytochemicals.


The conference will be of interest to producers and users of food antioxidants, nutritionists, health authorities, food scientists, phytochemicals researchers, supplement manufacturers and retailers.

SCI Members attending this meeting are able to claim CPD points.


Wednesday 7 March

09.30   Registration and refreshments
11.15   Opening remarks
11.20   Keynote lecture: Food Antioxidants: Sources and Mechanistic Actions 
Fatima Paiva-Martins, University of Porto, Portugal
12.00   Applications of natural anti-oxidant blends in food and supplement systems
Rob Winwood, DSM, UK
12.30   Shelf-life improving of nuts using natural antioxidants
Henna Liu, Kalsec, UK
13.00   Lunch and exhibition
14.00   Who’s afraid of the big bad antioxidant? 
Jan Knight, Knight Scientific Limited, UK
14.30   Antioxidant systems for omega-3 rich foods and supplements
Charlotte Jacobsen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
15.00   Refreshments, posters and exhibition
15.30   Novel natural phenolic compound-based oxygen scavenging system for active packaging applications
Kirtiraj Gaikwad, South Korea
16.00   What are interesterified fats and should we be worried about them in our diet?
Charlotte Mills, King’s College London, UK
16.30   Antioxidants in food and why the consumer can’t know they‘re there
Timothy Lumb, ALS Food and Pharmaceutical, UK
17.00   Q & A
19.00   Conference Dinner


Thursday 8 March

09.00   Welcome
09.05   Understanding dietary antioxidants in terms of nutrition and health
Ana Rodriguez-Mateos, King’s College London, UK
09.35   Culinary herbs and spices: Challenges in deducing the true health benefits of these polyphenol rich foods
Elizabeth Opara, Kingston University, UK
10.05   Categorising interpretations: Why do experts disagree so much about health benefits of food antioxidants
Kirsten Brandt, Newcastle University, UK
10.35   Refreshments, posters and exhibition
11.05   Dietary Nitrate and Cardiovascular Disease
Ditte Hobbs, University of Reading, UK
11.35   Sporopollenin shells from plant spores & pollen as novel antioxidant microcapsules
Grahame Mackenzie, University of Hull & Technical Director Sporomex Ltd, UK
12.05   Regulatory aspects of antioxidants used in foods and supplements
Sam Jennings, Berry Ottaway & Associates, UK
12.35   Concluding remarks and finish
Mar 2018

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14-15 Belgrave Square
United Kingdom

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