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French national consensus clinical guidelines for the management of Crohn’s disease

Digestive and Liver Disease, April 2017, Volume 49, Issue 4, Pages 368-377



Crohn’s disease (CD) is a chronic and disabling condition. There is no curative medical treatment but current treatments provide increasingly sustainable control of the disease and allow patients a better quality of life. There is limited evidence supporting CD management in specific clinical situations, thus precluding an evidence-based approach.


To help clinicians in making informed treatment decisions, a group of 59 French gastroenterologists with experience in the management of CD met to develop straightforward and practical algorithms based on the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation (ECCO) recommendations.


This experts’ opinion was developed following a Nominal Group consensus methodology. Nine clinical situations were identified: mildly active CD; uncomplicated moderately active CD, with, and without poor prognostic factors; uncomplicated severely active CD; perianal CD with a single fistula; perianal CD with complex fistula with or without abscess; complicated CD with abscess; intestinal stricture; and post-operative CD. Two working groups were formed and proposed algorithms that were then approved by a two-thirds majority of the Nominal Group.


These algorithms represent the pragmatic consensus of a group of experts in gastroenterology on the modalities of therapeutic care in different clinical situations in CD. They are available via a web application at: .

Keywords: Algorithm, Experts’ opinion, Treatment guidelines.

Institutional support for the working group was provided by the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company; organizational support for the working group meeting was provided by KPL.