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Highlight Report: IBD12, Lisbon, 19 – 21 November, 2015

IBD 12, the international clinical educational meeting held in Lisbon on 19-21 November 2015, gave the opportunity to review and debate on the latest advances in epidemiology, diet-microbiome interaction, strategies and risks of immunosuppressive therapy, old and new steroids, elderly patients, management of patients with previous or current cancer, disease monitoring, UC-treatment paradigms and personalised therapy.

In particular, Session 1 explored the factors which could contribute to the rapid increase in IBD seen in newly-industrialised countries and the complex relationship between individuals, their internal environment of microbes, their external environment, and the implications for therapeutic microbial manipulation.

Session 2 discussed the position of thiopurines and methotrexate in the treatment armamentarium in the modern era of biologic therapies. Session 3 covered how IBD treatment is managed in patients with special considerations, such as treatment in the elderly or in patients with past or current cancer.

Session 4 challenged the role of steroids in the current management of IBD and the contribution of new steroids to the treatment landscape. 

Session 5 addressed current and future options for disease assessment and monitoring, and their application in managing the individual patient’s disease course: the role of endoscopy, cross-sectional imaging, therapy de-escalation strategies and therapeutic drug monitoring were then discussed.

Session 6 discussed the treatment paradigms for mild-to-moderate UC and acute severe colitis with the latest available therapies. 

Finally, Session 7 looked at personalised therapy, taking the patient’s response to therapy and disease course into consideration, and concluded with a review of advances in therapies targeting different pathways in the inflammatory cascade.

Dr Alessandro Armuzzi



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IBD 13.03.2015

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