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Session 3: UC management update

  • Management of the refractory patient

    A. Dignass

    Axel Dignass recommended testing for cytomegalovirus and Clostridium difficile which are frequently found in refractory UC. IBD care is in...
  • How should new onset fulminant colitis be managed?

    P. Rutgeerts

    Accurate diagnosis, optimal medical therapy with glucocorticosteroids and cyclosporine or infliximab, and good timing of colectomy are vital in the...
  • Mild/moderate UC - best practice

    L. Beaugerie

    On mild to moderate UC, Laurent Beaugerie reported that once daily oral 5-ASA is preferred by patients leading to improved...
  • Proctitis - best practice

    S. Ng

    Siew Ng focussed on the best management of proctitis. Her talk showed that topical 5-aminosalicylates (5-ASA) are superior to oral...



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IBD 13.03.2015

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